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About HMSZ Developers

About the Developers

HMSZ Developers

The HMSZ Group endeavours to revolutionise the art of modern living in Pakistan. In the quest for excellence in luxury living, the HMSZ Group has embarked on the following three mutually connected projects in Gujranwala:

  • PC Hotel Legacy in Gujranwala in collaboration with Hashoo Group.
  • Celestial Towers, which are luxurious residential towers at the top of PC Hotel, in collaboration with Ignite LLC Dubai and Aeon & Trisl UAE.
  • Celestial Mall, adjacent to PC Hotel, in collaboration with top national and international brands, including state of the art jewellery outlets, multiple brand outlets, a highly well renowned grocery store as well as outlets storing products made locally in Gujranwala, Sialkot and Gujrat, providing a sense of ownership to local businessmen.

A brief narration of the included facilities and facets of the three above mentioned projects by HMSZ Group is as follows:

Our project has many features worthy of being highlighted including PC Hotel, our project being the first high rise of building of Gujranwala, it also being the first IOT based smart apartment tower building in Pakistan, with keyless entry and a completely automated system in furnished apartments, which will be the first ever residential apartments serviceable by PC Hotel. They would include multiple amenities, such as infinity pools at a height of 330 feet above the ground with a band of lights visible from many kilometres away, comparable to Singapore. Moreover, 21 apartments will also have their personal pools for a highly luxurious living experience. Additionally, helipads as well as a tennis court at the 32nd floor, just like Burj Al Arab UAE, will also be available. Residential apartments will be designed taking inspiration from the Steinway Tower in New York and 432 Park Avenue Condominiums, with the provision of personal lifts to ensure the privacy of residents, a 32000 square ft lawn at a height of 100 feet above the ground, along with an Olympic size swimming pool managed by PC, bordered by an exquisite rooftop restaurant.

The Banquet Hall within PC Hotel, with a capacity of 4000 people, will also generate a great amount of footfall in Celestial Mall, adjacent to PC Hotel.

The Celestial Mall will have shops including multiple designer outlet stores, an entire floor dedicated to gold and jewellery, a complete floor containing outlets that will store products made locally in industrial cities like Gujranwala, Sialkot and Gujrat, which would inculcate a sense of belonging and ownership in the businessmen of these cities. Moreover, the helicopter service will make it possible to reach PC Gujranwala in just 15 minutes from Sialkot and Lahore, greatly facilitating foreign buyers in the quest for products made locally in these industrial cities. Additionally there is also an international standard gym, a tennis court, a kids play area, a mini golf course, and a bowling allley for the visitors, giving them multiple options for entertainment and recreation. Furthermore, in order to cater to the buyers and residents of Celestial Towers & Mall, there is a computer guided car parking with a capacity of 1600 cars that is also available, making entry and exit incredibly convenient and hassle free.

Therefore, with its grandeur and all its luxurious features and amenities, the PC Hotel, Celestial Towers & Celestial Mall edifice is a city within the city of  Gujranwala.

HMSZ Developers

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